Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Weight Watching Chronicles

There is a boat load of mystery surrounding the Weight Watcher program. Everyone knows about the points, but what you don't know is the daily struggle that you encounter trying to stay within them. I am not saying that it's a bad choice, quite the contrary, as it teaches you all about what you shouldn't do.

I am a person that was doing everything that one shouldn't do. I like to eat all the processed foods that I can stand, before total system shutdown. I loathe water, and vitamins seem to only make me hungrier.

I am on Week 3. I lost 4 pounds, gained two back (thanks to those damn Girl Scouts and their yummylicious cookies), and am back on the wagon. To top it all off, I decided in my carbohydrate deprived mind that giving up bread and all bread products for Lent was a good idea... somehow.
The other night, I had a romantic dream about asiago cheese bread and whipped butter spread.
Well, I digress, I get a total of 24 points a day, to use how I please. Fellow weight watchers know that this is ample supply depending on how you use them. I personally like to eat only green vegetables all day and eat six chocolate covered ice creams late at night while watching Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp. Somehow, when I watch that, I don't feel obese in the slightest bit.
I work out, about 3, um, 2... maybe once a week on the game system and believe that I've gotten a dislocated shoulder from trying to bowl.

Here's the rub... I'm doing only moderately what I'm supposed to do and I'm actually losing weight. I look better and feel better these days and that's whats up!

So, if you're struggling to lose weight, maybe you'd like to follow along with me on my journey to be better, healthier, and hopefully hotter by the time I'm 40.
Goal: Halle Berry and Demi Moore.

We shall see.

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