Friday, March 5, 2010

The Scales - Will They Ever Tip My Weigh?

Today, my daughter was measured for her cap and gown. She is a senior in high school this year and I was very proud of her. In the back of my mind however, I was wondering when, since not now, will I squeeze in my WW meeting?

I'm so busy these days, there's very little time to spare. Nonetheless, I need to get there. I can only imagine what lies around the corner for me, meaining I haven't been all the me that I can be lately. Snacking!

Fortunately, I have the Wii to help me rectify my wrongs. Don't worry, they'll be plenty around in just a few short weeks.
If you don't have one, I strongly encourage you to buy the gaming system along with the Wii Fit Plus and/or Biggest Loser video games. They are awesome and help me right some of my wrongs...

So, until Saturday, I will have all things Wii to keep me on my mission. And, my seeing my daughter get ready to take the next steps in her life were so worth missing the meeting.

Until next time WW, eat well and take care of yourselves.

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