Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Game Night - What the Hell Do I Eat?

Of course, last night, the Pistons were massacred by the Boston Celtics in a 4th quarter rally. Being a not-so-avid fan, I would have never known this if I wasn't at the game with my beau and 10 year old son. It was fun and I was having a great time, until my son said, "Mom, I'm hungry."

I had just balled my jacket up and pressed it deeply into my stomach to disguise the rumbling, so I know he was hungry... Hell, I was hungry too. So, what did I do?

What any good Mom would do, I sent Ryan - my boyfriend - to the concession stand with the boy (Justin). I could not be trusted to turn down those nachos and that awesome cheese (the Palace of Auburn Hills sells the original movie theater melted cheese - which is a signature dish of any fine dining establishment!).

I ordered a hot dog with mustard, some Twizzlers, and a diet Coke. I took the hot dog out of the bun and ate that alone. I wasn't the meal that I wanted (the nachos with extra cheese) but it was still Game food that left me feeling like I belonged there instead of a leper.

Once I consumed my not-so-good-for-you-but-it’s-okay-because-I’m-out-on-a-rare-date-with-my-two-guys food, I was free to enjoy the Pistons’ getting their butts handed to them on a shiny platter.

Tomorrow night, I weigh in… Stay tuned!

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