Saturday, March 6, 2010

Busy Days Mean Bad Eating

Well, today was another busy day. I started with going shopping with my sister in law and daughter looking for prom dresses. I was in such a hurry to get started, I failed to eat breakfast, and then lunch...
I was well into the beauty salon session before having a real meal. I grabbed a tray of fruit and ate well into four servings of that. Fortunately, there was broiled tilapia and a side salad on the menu across the way from my beautician's shop. Otherwise, I was thinking that I would have had some sandwich from a fast food place that ends in -ator and begins with bacon. I would have been a bad look.
That started me to thinking about how I failed to plan for my hectic day. Had I planned appropriately, I would have been able to eat well before kicking into starvation mode. Another 30 minutes would have ended disastrously.
Here's the ideas... take your planner every evening and really think and jot down your plans for the next day. Look for ways to squeeze in meals and healthy options for snacks.
In your planning, be sure to add in things like low fat granola, or a bag of mixed nuts with craisins, etc.
With a healthy snack option, you will find that you're less tempted to run past the local fast food joint.
You're probably wondering how someone with this wealth of knowledge ended up on the verge of starvation today? Simply put, I did not plan. It goes back to that old adage, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."
I swear, fellow Weight Watchers that I will be more diligent in my planning going forward.
Today was almost a hot mess! I was narrowly spared by my bat utility belt!

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