Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Art of Procrastination

I'm not quite sure whether you've ever taken the amount of skill that it takes to be a procrastinator into consideration. Not only am I afflicted with this ailment, but I've managed to surround myself with folks that are no less than master's of this affliction. As my elders would say, these people are just 'flicted.

I can't speak for the others, but in my case, I am always preparing... I prepare to prepare my plans, then prepare to execute those plans, rework the preparation, only to start planning again.

Take my novel for example. I've been writing it since I was 15 years old in my mind, and since then, it's changed genre's about 1000 times, from a young girl living on an island with her obsessed and demented father, to a young woman living in Georgia that is a wicken, to finally a vampire in Detroit with some serious emotional difficulties of her own.

Well, as Oprah would say, "this I know"... the best laid plans can lead you down the road to hell. I have vowed (to myself, of course, in case I backslide... I don't want anyone to see:-) to set up this blog, on which I will develop my stories, allow an outlet for all those shorts that clutter my thoughts, and along the way, vent my frustrations with the process. I will write. My biggest procrastination of all, my dream deferred, will be realized.

And if I should fall of... may my writer's block have no mercy and the well of words in my soul dry up and wither away. If there are fans, then so be it, and if not, I will be my audience of one.


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  1. Nice! I like it. Good luck with the completion of your work in progress. I've taken a break from blogging/writing because it seemed for a while I had nothing that I really wanted to say. Now there never seems to be enough time, but I really do miss it.